Clarissa Navarrete

December 3, 1978 ~
July 24, 2021

Clarissa (Fletcher) Navarrete, age 42, of Allendale, passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, July 24, 2021. Clarissa was a loving wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend. She loved being around friends and family and sharing many special memories with them. Clarissa enjoyed cooking, baking, and serving others in need. She will be lovingly remembered by her husband of 6 years, Raymond Navarrete; children, Justice King, Julius Morgan, and Jenna Navarrete; parents, Perry and Ilse Fletcher; siblings, Richard Balder, Tonya Fletcher, Amy Fletcher; nieces and nephews, Ashley, Raychel, Kyle, Mikayla, Kendra, Aaron, Isaiah, Aniyah, and Aliana; and many special friends. A memorial service will be held on Saturday, August 7, 2021, at 4 p.m. at Matthysse Kuiper DeGraaf Funeral Home (Allendale) 6651 Scott St. Relatives and friends may meet the family Saturday, August 7, from 3-4 p.m. prior to the service at the funeral home.

Saturday, August 7
3:00pm - 4:00pm

MKD - Allendale
6651 Scott St
Allendale, MI 49401

Phone: (616) 895-4400

Memorial Service
Saturday, August 7

MKD - Allendale
6651 Scott St
Allendale, MI 49401

Phone: (616) 895-4400

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August 08, 2021 8:34pm
A letter for my sister: My sister was tasked with the important job of nameing me when i entered the world. She was nearly 2 years old, and was already making an impact on me for life. A few years later, i returned her gift, by pushing her off the arm of the couch, and breaking her nose. It was my turn to fly and she was moving to slow. This continued, back and forth through our teenage years. Id steal her clothes, she would steal boys i had a crush on. Typical sisters. She moved out when she was 18. I felt so betrayed and sad that my best friend, and worthy opponent, had abandoned me. She had a car, was in college, her first apartment, and her first, possibly second fiance. She had beat me at all the firsts, her speed had improved since flight training. We were tied in our race to have our kids. She had a brilliant beautiful daughter, justice  and i had an incredible handsome son, Aaron. Strangers often asked us if they were twins. Sometimes clarissa would excitedly tell people yes. I guess they could pass for that, if your standing 50yards away, visibility is 20 feet,and had sand in your eyes. Maybe? Me and clarissa shared many " inside jokes" over the years. Mostly at my expense and sometimes embarassment too. She was an extrovert and didnt mind drawing attention, and really loved to convince strangers we were twin sisters,3 1/2 min apart, and she was born first. She got a birthday crown at a wine and canvas event, based on that "inside joke". It was neither of our birthdays. I bet some of you here are surprised to learn that shes 42years old, and not 27, like her birthday cake says every year. She was surprised to learn she was 42, 3 months after her birthday. She spent the prior 15 months thinking she was a year younger. It always made me laugh teasing her about it. I guess when you have so much fun, lots of careing friends, and find true happiness in life, with someone that is supportive and holds you up when you fall; time slows down and you start to live again. Thank you Tone, for cherishing clarissa, and loving her through her battles. Im happy your part of our family. Clarissa was good at reaching milestones. She got married , and had a strong intellegent son Julius. I skipped the wedding bells but ran along side of her and had a compassionate loving son Isaiah. A few years passed and she was 27 again. She had another daughter, gentlehearted beautiful , Jenna. I decided to have 2 sweet girls Aniyah and Aliana,to catch back up. She attended all my childrens births and I was there for hers. We were best friends afterall. I was almost caught up. Then she got married a 2nd time. Im still working on the second fiance thing. My sister lived her life thirsting for the love and acceptance she selflessly gave to each of us. She gave her last drop to make sure our cups were topped off. She held no judgement toward others, but was her own hardest critic. She loved us each unconditionally, even when she struggled to love herself. She lived a life of service to others. Ive been blessed to have had many of your memories shared with me in these past couple of weeks. Those stories made me realize that Im not special because Im her sister., and she had many best friends. Everyone in her life was special, and she made sure we all felt that. She touched lives and was there for us in every way she could be. And she was versatile in her service to us. She was multitalented and prioritized people that were in need. She struggled for much of her adult life, with conditions that can only be understood by her and those near her that were affected. This past year, she fought to live. She had finally loved herself and understood how it felt to be loved in the same way that she gave it. She courageously decided to face her goliath and accepted victory over the battles she fought for so long. She was rewarded for a job well done, with eternal life, love, and acceptance by our creator, lord and savior, the Almighty healer, forgiver, our father God. Im so proud of her accomplishments, her positive impact on others, and the lessons ive learned from her genuine kindness. She was my forever best friend. When I felt the world was against me, she walked beside me through it and showed me im not alone. And I now know, that each of us felt that from her during some of our toughest times. She sped to the finish line, and was awarded with wings. I cant compete with her victory over this life, but someday , maybe after our 28th birthday, i might catch up. Until then, I hope your resting sis, smiling in heaven, singing praises with the angels and that someone turned your mic off, because your singing voice is terrible. I love you and have always been proud of you, best friend. Its your turn to fly. I only hope our brokenhearts heal as well as your nose did.

- Amy Fletcher

August 07, 2021 1:45am
RIp Clarissa Fletcher u will be sadley missed .God bless ! U were always nice to me when we seen each other at your sister Tonyas house .I wish I could got to know you more .until we meet again family sorry for loss ! Send prayers !

- Monya Nace

July 31, 2021 12:10am
We met in middle school. Clarissa never seemed afraid of anything. Prayers for her safe travels home and for those that love her. 🕯

- Andrea Heckenmueller

July 29, 2021 2:24pm
I was truly saddened when I heard of Clarissa's passing. I only knew her through the eyes of her dear friend Sara Mancilla. I know she will be missed by many. Prayers for her family and friends.

- Jim Strange

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