Twelve Days of Remembering

“On the first Day of Christmas my true love gave to me . . . “

How many times haven’t you heard that song played on the radio during the Christmas season? The “Days of Christmas” refer to the twelve days from December 26 to January 6, which is Epiphany and the traditional end of Christmas festivities.


How much time and effort haven’t you spent in the past, buying and wrapping those special gifts for your loved ones? Planning for the gathering of extended family and friends? Looking forward to those traditions unique and special to your family?


Maybe your family’s Christmas celebration this year will be different. Maybe there will be an empty chair at the dinner table. There will be no gifts under the tree for auntie or for your special friend; no gifts for dad or brother. You won’t enjoy eating Grandma’s delicious pies and cookies. Since celebrating Christmas in 2014, your family may have experienced the loss to death of a precious loved one.


You may be looking ahead to Christmas parties with sadness and dread. How can there be celebrating? How can there be a party? How can there be singing? It won’t be the same without your loved ones there this year and it never will. You can’t imagine getting through the holidays without them.


So, instead of singing “The Twelve Days of Christmas” together this year, your family could have “Twelve Days of Remembering”. Perhaps each family member could post a different memory of your loved one to Face Book on each of those 12 days. Maybe you keep a journal and could write about a different memory of your loved one on each of the 12 days. You might gather 12 different keepsakes and record the reason each is special to you.


Rather than thinking only about the loss you have endured, spend some time each day remembering the wonderful times you had with your loved one. Make this season of Christmas a season of remembering.


“On the first Day of Christmas I Will Remember This . . .”