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Philip Bảo Quốc Le

Philip Bảo Quốc Le, age 30, of Los Angeles, CA, passed away Tuesday, January 7, 2020.  A Mass of Christian Burial will be held 10:00 a.m. Saturday, January 18, 2020, at Holy Name of Jesus Church, 1630 Godfrey Ave. SW, Wyoming, with Rev. Stephen Dudek presiding.  Relatives and friends may visit the family from 7-9 p.m. on Thursday (Jan. 16) and Friday (Jan. 17) at Matthysse Kuiper DeGraaf Funeral Home, 4031 Clyde Park Ave. SW, Wyoming.  Burial will take place at Resurrection Cemetery.  Philip’s father would like to thank all those who attend and those who visited Philip for their love and support.

  1. Phil, you will be missed. I can’t thank you enough for all those late nights getting through homework and problem sets in college. You were always a great teammate, an awesome college, and a phenomenal friend. You’re already missed

    - Jon Barr (JB)
  2. You’ll be missed grand. You were a kind and welcoming soul. Rest easy.

    - Phoebe Ting
  3. You will be greatly missed my dear friend

    - Huy Nguyen
  4. Rest In Peace friend and thank you for being a positive influence to my little brother.

    - Holly Tebbe
  5. Big Bro, thank you for your everlasting hospitality whenever we would hang out, especially the first time we met 3 years ago. Not only was it your generosity and kindness that made me respect you, but more importantly your ability to work hard and persevere while having fun and living your best life. In addition, you always had this humble attitude that never made me lose respect for you. I always saw you as the older version of myself and looked up to you bro. I know I never told you this, but while I was in a fraternity in my college days, I didn’t necessarily get the experience of having a Big Bro. Although we weren’t in the same fraternity, you went above and beyond those expectations as my Big Bro, and I’m very proud to have had you as my Big Bro. You will always be my Big Bro. You have received utter respect in the LA community and everyone that has reached out to me has made it known how much they respected you because of your kindness. You brought so many people together like our fam line Alex De Guzman, Dennis Quintana, Annie Ngo, Quynh Pham, and not only that, many in a community. I’ll miss our weekly gatherings/celebrations at your pad where almost everyone has been. Your house was a staple in LA to hang out not because of the house, but because you brought people together. I will do my best to make sure everyone remembers you as a wonderful person. I owe it to you as your Lil Bro and as someone you took care of every single damn time. You will definitely be remembered. I love you Big Bro.


    Your Lil Bro
    To Phil’s family, I really wish you know just how important Phil was to many. I also wrote the above message as well to let you know just how great of a person he was. Condolences for your loss, and I hope to be able to make it to the service so I am able to meet you all to find solace together.

    - Arnold Panda Wu
  6. Phil,
    We met my first day in Ann Arbor, and I am so glad we did. You always added fun and laughter to every situation (even the miserable situations like studying for finals). Thank you for being a great friend through graduation and beyond. You will be truly missed.
    -Molly (May) Jones

    - Molly Jones
  7. Rest In Peace Phil. I’ll miss you..

    - Amy shi
  8. Phil, I still can’t believe you’re gone. I was so happy you made it out here in LA and was so certain we would have more time to hang out and catch up and I’m heartbroken by your untimely departure.
    Your impact on the 2XS family and the LA community will not be forgotten. Your dedication to your career with SpaceX inspired many, including this engineer, to push the limits and literally reach for the stars. You were loved, you were admired, and you will be missed. Rest In Peace.

    - Andrew Shin
  9. Phil,
    We met not too long ago but we would always go out as a group . I’ve always heard good things about you and I wish I had a chance to get to know you more . You will be truly missed .

    - Amy shi
  10. Anh Hai,

    I’m beyond devastated that your departure was too soon, unexpected, and undeserving.

    You exemplified amazing qualities what a good person should be in this life. It’s such a travesty seeing you go. I’ll never forget how much wisdom you provided me. The amount of love and support that you provided was undeserving. You loved your friends and family unconditionally without expecting anything in return. That display of compassion resonated with me.

    Big brother, tomorrow and the future will never be the same without you. It’s still unreal to see you go so soon, but you lived a good life. The people that love you will carry on your legacy.

    Thank you for being the person that the world needs. You truly are an amazing soul. You did many amazing things. But I guess God needed you up there to do even greater things. I love you so much. I’ll never forget you and can’t wait to see you soon.


    Your little sister.

    - Annie Ngo
  11. So honored to have been able to get to know you over the years. Your impact on the world and those around you will be ever lasting.

    - Steve Lai
  12. Phil,

    The world’s a sadder place without you in it. I’m happy that I was able to know you both as a fellow student at Michigan and as a coworker at SpaceX. I miss you already, but you’ll live on in my thoughts and in my heart.

    - Dan Becker
  13. Phil,

    Even though we only met for a short bit of time, that small bit of time was memorable and impactful. I appreciate who you are. You are a great person. I’m sad that you left us so soon. Rest In Peace, my friend.

    - Quoc Le
  14. Phil,
    I feel so lucky to have known you. You were one of the most admirable people that I know. You were always there no matter what, you were so passionate and always put your all into what you did, and you had the biggest heart filled with so much love. You were one of those people who lit up the room with your presence. It was impossible to not be happy when you were around. You were always so sincere and present.

    I am truly honored to have known you and to have had the privilege of being your friend.

    It’s been a long time since we last saw each other or had a real catch up, but I can still hear your voice ever so clearly in mind greeting me with your signature, “hey you.”

    Phil, you are sorely missed. Please watch over us from up there and I’ll see you again one day , my friend.

    - Anh Tran
  15. Phil you were so loved and will be so missed. Thank you for blessing us with your positive energy and bright smile every week. Rest in peace dear friend.

    - Rachel Kang
  16. Words can’t describe the amount of influence and energy you’ve bestowed upon me over the years we’ve known each other, Phil. I think back to the traffic-ridden car rides all over LA, filled with deep, meaningful exchanges of ideas, experiences, opinions, and dreams. The lazy, takeout-filled weekend days and intense, work-filled late weeknights at The Bakery. The zealous (and sometimes over-zealous) pregames for our action-packed weekend festivities – spanning from our college years til we hit 30. And, of course, everything in between. You’ve helped me through some of my toughest, most painful moments of life, always leaving me with valuable lessons in the process. You’ve also helped create some of my fondest memories of the chapters in my life you were a part of. Your energy was infective. Your positivity lit up the room. Your motivation was unparalleled, something everyone respected and loved about you. Your presence made everyone around you a happier person. Losing you is devastating – not only to me, but to everyone who knows how absolutely incredible a person you are. You’ve impacted so many lives in such positive ways – it’s crushing to know that you’re gone.

    You’re sorely missed, my guy. Hold down the dance floor up there, we will groove together again in the future.

    Absolutely nothing but the most love to you,


    To Phil’s family and close friends:
    I want to express my deepest condolences. Phil was a huge impact on all of us that had the privilege of meeting him and getting close to him. Your influences helped shape the great man that Phil was, and I cannot thank you enough for being such an amazing influence and creating such an amazing person. I’m glad to have met Phil, and I appreciate the opportunity to share in the celebration of Phil’s life with you all.

    - Adi Kosgi
  17. Rest in Peace Phil. You were an amazing and humble friend. You were so welcoming regardless if that person were a stranger or your closest friend. Thank you for being the light that brightened up the room. I will forever remember our memories.

    - Robert Phan
  18. Phil I am so incredibly sad to hear this news. I remember meeting you as a freshman in Bursley at Michigan. You and Huy were so welcoming and gave me a wonderful first impression of the engineering family I would join. I loved playing Call of Duty in your room late at night and seeing your dance performances- you were the best to hang out with. It was so cool seeing your updates as you made strides at SpaceX. Rest In Peace, my friend.

    - Jon Gold
  19. Hey Phil,

    Los Angeles is a littler colder without you. Honored to have known you so long and to see you grow so much. You’ll be so missed.

    - Bao Lam
  20. My Brother
    You are gone from our sight, but never from our hearts.
    We love you and we miss you.
    Rest In Peace My Brother

    - Tam Nguyen
  21. Rest in peace my brother. It’s been nearly a decade since we first met, but I still remember all the things we’ve gone through like they happened yesterday. You were always an amazing person to be around, and your positive personality rubbed off on everyone near you. You had a positive impact and inspired so many people in life through words and in deed. Rest in my peace my friend, and may you live on in our hearts. Love you man.

    -Vincent Nguyen

    - Vincent Nguyen
  22. We’ll miss you, Phil. Rest in peace.

    - Jacky and Hasumi
  23. Phil, it was a great pleasure knowing and hanging out with you back in college. You will be greatly missed. Rest in peace

    - Ray Sheng
  24. Phil I will miss your smiley face both at work and at the gym encouraging me to do more, you were always such a positive person! Rest In Peace buddy!

    - Kate Efremova
  25. Phil, you will be missed so much. You’ve left such an impact on all those around you and I’m honored that I had the opportunity to know someone like you. Rest in peace, my friend.

    - Jennifer Tran
  26. Rest in peace Phil. I will remember your talent, energy, and positivity at our FASA dance practices at U of M. You will be greatly missed! <3

    - Jonelle Doctor
  27. To My 2xs Bro, you always made me feel like my jokes were the best! and we always laughed so hard together! me and joe will miss you truly! to the guy who smile could light up a room; ill be sure to do the same and carry on that legacy! Love you always!!!

    - Ashanti Mcghee-Love
  28. Words cant explain how sad i am to hear about this. May you rest in peace and you will be greatly missed my friend.

    - Max Lian
  29. Rest In Peace Phil. The world will miss your light and smile.

    - Briana Stuart
  30. You’ve touched many lives, Phil. Your kindness was contagious. Rest In Peace. Love you!

    - Noel Im
  31. Phil your light will always shine bright as you have touched the very hearts of those who have crossed your path. Thank you for being the light I have needed to be a better mother. You shared with me, your experiences as a child, the amazing love your parents gave and messages that would encourage me to raise my daughters up in light and love. I will carry on your legacy through my children and we will always honor your name.

    I’ve never realized how important it was to recreate Dance2XS Michigan. This group has connected so many of us and I am grateful that the decision to build the company has lead to a beautiful dance family. It has been a pleasure to see you find your voice as an artist, choreographer and dancer. Even more so, it has been a honor to experience your kindness and love. Thank you allowing me to guide your dance journey but most of all thank you for being a guided light here on earth. I will never forget you. Rest In Heaven Angel.

    Love You To Mars and Back,

    Mama Tony

    - Tony Frazier
  32. Phil, gosh I don’t even know where to start. We’ve had so many good times together, dancing at Necto, VSA shows, VSA events, conferences and eventually even Dance 2xs. You were the one to always inspire me and always rooted for me throughout my college years. You’re truly a great human and have deeply impacted so many lives. I’ll always be missing you.

    - Steven Le
  33. It was a pleasure and an honor to have met you, working with you at SpaceX was a pleasure.

    To work with someone under the pressure we were under everyday yet you always had a big smile on your face that I will never forget, a huge heart and most of all such a positive attitude.

    Your parents must be so proud of the son they raised I know if you were my son (I am 56) I would be so proud of the person you were.

    You were always there to help anyone you could, you never had a bad word to say about anyone or anything and in my 40 years of working that was so refreshing to see, you saw the good in everyone.

    I am so sad, so upset that someone so smart, caring, humble and kind is lost from this world so young.

    I am honored and humbled to have met and worked with you, my message fo your parents with tears in my eyes that you should be so proud of the son you raised. He was the smartest, nicest guy I have ever worked with in my 40 year career and I have retired now hence why losing such a talent is hard to take. RIP my friend you will be missed.

    - Roger Lammin
  34. I have no words. Life is so unpredictable and can’t fathom a world without you in it. You were destined for such greatness – and i’m sure your memory and legacy will continue onwards to such. I love you, rest well.

    - Chris Matthew Porter
  35. Phil,

    We met briefly in passing. I came by your house one night after Arnold and I were at Terra Cotta. Arnold really made it a big deal to talk about you, and if he’s doing that, then you’re one of a few. Arnold is my baby brother and he rarely looks up to someone. I’m glad to have met you, even if it was just for a moment. Thank you for looking out after him when I wasn’t able to. Rest In Peace brother.

    - Arthur Wu
  36. I love you. You were the best on Earth, and now you are the best on Mars.

    - Dana Lee
  37. Phil was a great friend and an inspiration to me at Michigan and in my career. You won’t be forgotten.

    - Justin McCandless
  38. Philip Bao Quoc Em,

    I am so very proud and privilege to have you as my little Brother. I’m heart broken and devastated that you are gone too soon.

    Mom and I will always love you, miss you and cherish every moment we all spent time together. You were a great son, a great uncle, a great brother and an amazing friend to so many people you have touched in your life.

    You will sorely be missed and loved. The positive impact you have made on your journey will always be remembered and honored. You are a heavenly star that will shine bright on us all. Please watch over Mom from above. We love you from the end of the universe and back.

    Anh Hai,

    Cuong Pham

    To Phil’s close friends, colleagues, and love ones. With a heavy heart, my mom (Elizabeth Le) and I, we are deeply grateful and thankful for your love and support. It means a lot to us. If he touches your heart in any way, please remember him by continue to carry on his legacy and impact in this world. God bless!

    - Cuong Pham
  39. Phil, it was an honor to work with you for the short time you were in NC. Rest in peace. Your family and friends are in my thoughts and prayers!

    - Tammy Hopkins
  40. Wow, what a loss for the world! such a bright individual! full of life and knowledge, I am not sure he knew how smart he was LOL. I worked with Phil at a small plant in the mountains of NC for GE. We kept in touch when he finished his rotation as an OMLP and he moved on to other roles and finally to Space X. When he moved out there he contacted me saying ” Dude there is an apartment right next door that is open, you should pack up and move out here and work at Space X it is a really cool job”! Phil, You will be missed! I may have congratulated you late on your new role, but I didn’t forget about you. My thoughts and Prayers will be with you and your family!

    - Anthony Campbell
  41. Phil, I feel so privileged to have had the chance to know you, learn from you, dance with you, and watch baseball with you (despite your terrible taste in teams). Anyone who was lucky enough to spend time with you is so much better for it. You were a consistent source of kindness and warmth, and you were always too good for this world. I miss you terribly.

    - Sandhya Kajeepeta
  42. I was lucky enough to know Phil for a brief but wonderful 3 years. Our hair stylist, Preston, introduced us. (I was always jealous of Phil’s hair but didn’t have the guts to go a bit wilder than my conservative cut!)

    Preston told me “You gotta meet my buddy from SpaceX!” At first, I thought “sure man, you have a buddy a SpaceX.” But, as I’d come to find out over the years, Preston knows a lot of super cool people. Phil was the coolest, though.

    We instantly hit it off. His heart and soul were evident. His intelligence was something he humbly let people discover as they got to know him.

    We talked about how we could change the world together. We talked about where technology needed smart people who gave a damn. We had so much more to develop together on that mission.

    We also had a lot of fun. I’m a TV producer and Phil brought literally a dozen people to every one of my tapings. I always wanted to make him feel VIP – because he was. I just never knew how precious our time together would actually be.

    This is such a tremendous loss for us people of earth. Phil was the future, not the past.

    His memory and influence will burn as bright as the rockets he launched but not for a brief time – forever, in my heart.

    I’m so very sorry to Phil’s family and friends. I’m sending love and light and look forward to celebrating him together.

    - Mike Duffy
  43. I was lucky to have had you as a friend, classmate, and roommate. You have always been an amazing friend and I’ll cherish the time we spent together in Ann Arbor and LA. You will me missed. Rest in peace bro.

    - Jacky Trinh
  44. There’s so much I wish I would have said the last time I saw you, but what I know was always understood is that I love you. Your ability to make people feel every ounce of good this world has to offer will be something I will never forget. We were friends from the moment we met and I’m so happy that our paths crossed. I was talking to Supun a few days ago and he said something that brought me some peace. You were the definition of “work hard and play hard.” You lived your life to the absolute fullest and you made so much of every opportunity. It’s the way I want to live my life. I’ll miss you so much. I’ll miss seeing you at the dance events that always brought us together. I’ll miss our random check ins. I’ll miss that laugh… I love you and I pray one day our paths cross again.

    - Ish
  45. Phil,

    You were a great friend and an amazing person. We will miss you and cherish the memories that we had with you.

    - Bradford & Nilla
  46. Phil,

    You already know I’m an emotional hurricane, hence my nickname, but you’ve always embraced that part about me –so here it goes…

    For all the times that you’ve been there for me, I want to be able to call you one more time for our heart to hearts. Which is to explain to everyone else is just a very deep talk, but we are extra and always call it our heart to heart -where we talked at length about our existential crisis, our ambitions, our fears, and what we wanted to do for our parents in their retirement. We wanted to be able to care for them the way they cared for us, so they can finally rest and “take it easy”. Even though they will not listen to our reminders to do so.

    For all the times that you’ve been there for me, I wanted to be there for you when you got married. Be there to iron chair covers for you until 1 in the morning, get and set up propane tanks when the venue tells us the caterer can no longer cook in the kitchen the day before the wedding and make runs to the store for water and Gatorade because – let’s be honest – we are getting old and hangovers are real.

    For all the times that you’ve been there for me, I wanted to be there when you bought your first house that would be even bigger than that mini mansion on Redondo Beach where you and your roomates welcomed our college friends for our first crazy LA reunion. And I’d imagine in your new home, we would fit and stack seven air mattresses in your living room. There might even be a rainbow room.

    For all the times that you’ve been there for me, I wanted to be there when you opened up your own business. No doubt it would be a great success. And I’d be there with lots of champagne of course, and your favorite spirits. We all already know what those are.

    For all the times that you’ve been there for me, I wanted to be there to spoil your first child who I know would have been even more of a genius than you- if that’s even possible. You’d teach your little girl or boy how to build rockets, do photography, how to dance and do all those body rolls. You’d buy them a big, jovial dog (hopefully a black lab since you saw first hand how Brick and Mortar converted me to a dog mom). You’d show them how to shoot guns as well as you did, you’d show your little one the farm life and how to help with their grandpa raise chickens. You’d wrap them with so much love and your great big hugs.

    Although I can’t be there for those moments in this world anymore, for the times we have together I’ll keep them close. I’ll try to heed your advice about forgiveness, I’ll try to be as kind as you are (even to strangers), I’ll try to challenge myself, strive and reach beyond the limits just as you did, I’ll try to be strong and resilient in the face of anguish and hurt just as you were and I’ll try to raise my children how Bác has raised you. And yes Bác I’ll make sure my kids learn to speak Vietnamese — but first I have to learn it.

    I could go on talking to you just like when we had our many heart to hearts. I know others want their turn so I’ll end with this: Do you remember us talking about space exploration and I would always tell you to save me a spot when you colonize space? I guess you are just up there now
    getting a head start and getting it ready for us all.

    I love you. Thank you for being our angel on this Earth and after it.

    - Lylian Fons

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