Love With A Widow’s Heart

I recently had a conversation with a widow who lost her spouse. Although I have had many such conversations, this one really impacted me differently. This woman spoke of things with a spouse that can annoy, irritate, and sometimes really bug you during the years of a marriage. However, after the spouse is gone, there is nothing you wouldn’t do to have those things back. It’s amazing, after a loved one is gone, you only remember the good things. You realize all those things that bugged you were not worth getting so worked up and upset over.

Have you ever noticed that eulogies always remember the positive attributes of a person? Why does it take death to look at relationships so differently?

Since this conversation, I want to love with a “widow’s heart”; not only in my relationship with my wife, but also with friends, co-workers, and other loved ones in my life.

We can get so caught up in the negative things about each other that we miss the joys of the unique ways God has made each of us. We here at MKD are reminded every day how fragile life can be. As for me, today I will choose to love with a “widow’s heart”.