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MKD Family Aftercare Services

He stood just inside the frosted window of the condo two days after Christmas. He watched his wife walk toward the car. He did not know it would be the last time he saw her alive.

My sisters and I picked up our 82 year old mom and headed to Rockford for a day of shopping. Of course, lunch was also part of the plan and we enjoyed burgers and onion rings at Arnies. After my sisters complained about sore knees and arthritis, Mom made the comment that she was feeling great – no complaints about her health. We decided to return for a dessert of Snickers Pie later in the afternoon and walked across the street to The Great Northern Trading Company.

As mom walked over to a display of cards in the corner, she suddenly clutched her chest and said, “Girls, something is happening!” Those were the last words she spoke. It was a massive heart attack that took her from a day out with her girls into eternity with her Savior.

We never got to have that Snickers Pie. Dad never got to see his wife alive again. Instead, he met us at the hospital where doctors confirmed that indeed, Mom was gone.

Life was never the same for my Dad. He now had to make the grocery list by himself. He had to wash clothes by himself. He had to clean the condo by himself. He tried to cook and bake, following Mom’s recipes, but was convinced she must have forgotten to list one ingredient on each card. Those recipes just didn’t taste the same.

As I sat having coffee with my Dad several weeks after Mom’s death, he said, “I never knew it would be so hard. I am just so lonely.” He could keep busy during the days but the evenings alone at home were so difficult. He missed his wife so much. The journey of grief was not an easy one.

He was a man of strong faith and knew his dear wife was in heaven, but even with the consolation of favorite Scriptures and songs, his heart was heavy and his days were filled with sadness.

Working in the MKD Family Aftercare Services office, I remember the words of my Dad, “I am just so lonely”. As I talk with those who have lost their spouses, I find my heart going out to them and I gladly share the many resources we have for widows and widowers, hoping to bring some comfort and healing in their grief.