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Defining a Culture

Last year when we were searching for a college with our daughter we had the opportunity to visit many different educational facilities. As you go from school to school, all of them have many similar characteristics. You have buildings, beautiful walkways and landscaping, bookstores and merchandise related items, etc. So as you try to make decisions as to where you think the best place to enroll and invest tuition dollars is not only overwhelming, but confusing as well. But as we narrowed down the potential schools and what they had to offer there was one school that always surfaced and gave a peace of knowing that we made the right choice. Yes, it had a beautiful campus, a cafeteria, dorm rooms, etc., but it had a culture that was like none other. Everywhere you went on campus and anyone who you spoke with on staff had a different persona about them. There was a Jesus Culture that was woven through and through that presented itself both in a physical sense and in a spirited sense around the campus.

This made we wonder why we at MKD are different than other funeral homes that people come to. Other establishments have brick and mortar, chapels, selection rooms, etc., but they don’t have a culture, a culture that is different then any funeral home they have every been. The first and foremost evidence is that every team member shines the light of Jesus in every family that is served. We show love and compassion that is reflective of how we would want our own families cared for. We not only open the door for guests, but we invite them in and make them feel a comfort in an uncomfortable time of life. We become a part of their family and journey with them no matter what our role is during the funeral process. Whether it’s answering the phone with a tone of care, or staying late after visitation hours are done to accommodate the difficulty in walking away from a casket, or standing for great lengths out in the bitter cold at the cemetery until the grieving widow is ready to go, this is what makes MKD different than the rest. This is what we are. This is the MKD culture in which I am so blessed to be a part of.